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Every day, many men, women, and children find themselves being lured into human trafficking. Some find their way home, but most (98-99%) do not. Chains Interrupted is dedicated to providing resources for survivors and educating our communities, friends, and family about the dangers of human trafficking – and its very real presence in Iowa. From donations in-kind to volunteering, your generosity helps Chains Interrupted provide resources for victims to get out of the life, and assist survivors of human trafficking to thrive.

Donations & Gifts

No matter how big or small, monetary donations help support our mission, purchase supplies for our survivor support group, and continue providing programs and services to organizations around Eastern Iowa. We welcome donations via Amazon Smile, Stuff Etc. Cedar Rapids, and through our eBay store “Handbags of Hope”, where we sell gently used, high-brand purses from donors who want to help support our mission. Learn more about ways to donate monetarily to Chains Interrupted.

Handbags of Hope Donations

Did you find a gently used purse in your latest closet clean-out? Year-round, you can donate a purse you no longer use for Chains Interrupted to sell online. Contact us to offer your donation. Inspired by a survivor, our eBay store “Handbags of Hope,” sells these bags with 100% of the profits benefiting our Survivor Support Programs. From groceries and gas cards to everyday toiletries and clothing, we provide survivors what they need to help them get back on their feet. Ready to see what handbags are available? Check out our eBay Handbags of Hope store today.

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Mary & Martha with Shawn Swore-Atay Bringing Eternal Hope & Encouragement to every home, everyday.  These beautiful products are the perfect gift for every occasion.

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In the market for a new t-shirt? Check out the Chains Interrupted store. You can order a t-shirt, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting our mission. Or, if you’re looking for a trendy purse or handbag, check out our Handbags of Hope on eBay. Donors have graciously provided lightly used and loved high-quality handbags to us to resell, and like our t-shirts, 100% of the proceeds benefit our mission, programs, presentations, and events. Check out our store page to see what’s available now.

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Did You Know? Every penny of your donation or gift goes to helping survivors and victims of human trafficking.

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