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Every day, many men, women, and children find themselves being lured into human trafficking. Some find their way home, but most (98-99%) do not.

Chains Interrupted is dedicated to providing resources for survivors and educating our communities, friends, and family about the dangers of human trafficking – and its very real presence in Iowa.

From donations in-kind to volunteering, your generosity helps Chains Interrupted provide resources for victims to get out of the life, and assist survivors of human trafficking to thrive.

Become a Chain Breaker

Are you passionate about ending human trafficking? We invite you to become a Chain Breaker and make a difference in the anti- human trafficking movement. Chain Breakers are a core group of trained and vetted volunteers who work in a variety of  activities. In the past, Chain Breakers have helped us by educating the public, school staff, and students on the basics of human trafficking, organizing awareness events and fundraisers, writing thank you cards, administrative help, and much more.

How Do I Become A Chain Breaker?

If you would like to become a Chain Breaker, fill out ALL the forms below to begin the process. Once your application is submitted you will meet with our Outreach Coordinator, Cate Neumann. This meeting is for you to get to know Chains Interrupted, and for us to get to know you. If we mutually feel this would be a good fit, you will then attend a Chain Breaker Orientation. In this orientation, you will be given all the tools and information you need to successfully volunteer with us. At this point, you will become an official Chain Breaker!

Please fill out the following forms to begin your application!

Chains Interrupted · Chain Breaker Volunteer Application (

Blank Background Check FormEmail completed background check to

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Volunteer and a Chain Breaker?

A volunteer is someone who gives time to Chains Interrupted but has not gone through our Chain Breaker process. They are able to help out and support in ways that do not require education on human trafficking or Chains Interrupted policies. These activities include walking in parades, doing support work at events, maintenance help, and more. Anyone of any age can volunteer with Chains Interrupted. Volunteers are invited to attend our quarterly UnChainEd Coalition meetings.

A Chain Breaker is a vetted volunteer that is at least 16 years of age. This is someone who has completed the application process, has had a background check, met with staff, and attended an orientation. This process aligns them with our mission so they are equipped to represent Chains Interrupted well and may speak on our behalf in the public. Volunteer tasks can include: guest speaking, event planning, fundraising, writing thank you letters and more. Special Chain Breaker Meetings are held every 6 weeks and Chain Breakers receive an exclusive t-shirt.

How long is the process of becoming a Chain Breaker?

The process of becoming a Chain Breaker will be dependent on how quickly the application is completed, when you are available to meet with a staff member, and when the next Chain Breaker Orientation will be held.
When is the next Chain Breaker Orientation?
Updates on when the following orientation will be held can be found here as well as in The Link, the Chains Interrupted newsletter. To sign up for our newsletter, please fill out the following form: Chains Interrupted (
What volunteer activities does a Chain Breaker do?

As a vetted volunteer, a Chain Breaker is given the privilege of volunteering in ways that represent Chains Interrupted. These activities include things such as writing thank you letters, manning booths, organizing events, joining a planning committee, public speaking for our education program, fundraising, creating window displays, creating social media campaigns, and more!

Please note, any programs, events, or ideas proposed by a Chain Breaker will need to be approved by a staff member before it is used to represent Chains Interrupted.

Once I am trained, how do I get started as a Chain Breaker?

Once you have completed orientation, you will then be able to participate in volunteer activities with Chains interrupted (see what is included in these volunteer activities under “What volunteer activities does a Chain Breaker do?”)! Volunteer opportunities for Chain Breakers will be communicated via Chain Breaker Updates and through Chain Breaker meetings scheduled every six weeks. When there’s a volunteer need, and you are interested in filling that need, you will sign up to fill that need through SignUp Genius. Once you have signed up, you will be contacted by a staff member with further details.
What topics are discussed in the Chain Breaker Orientation?

The Chain Breaker Orientation will give attendees a general overview of human trafficking, discuss Chains Interrupted’s policies and practices, and give Chains Breakers their next steps. 
How do I become a speaker as a Chain Breaker?

Chains Interrupted’s education program raises awareness about human trafficking which we hope will bring about prevention. As a Chain Breaker you may train to become a speaker. Through our school project, volunteers educate students, staff and parents on human trafficking and how to protect themselves and others. Through our Awareness Action project, volunteers educate the general public on the basics of human trafficking, how to identify it, and what to do when encounterd. To become a speaker, you must go through training. The dates of these trainings can be found via the Chain Breaker Newsletter and will be announced at Chain Breaker Meetings which are held every six weeks.
Is public speaking required to be a Chain Breaker?

Public speaking is not required to become a Chain Breaker! There are many other ways you can help us such as writing thank you letters, fundraising, organizing events, and more!
What is the minimum age requirement to be a Chain Breaker?

The minimum age requirement to become a Chain Breaker is 16. However, anyone under the age of 16 can be a volunteer for Chains Interrupted.  For clarification on the difference between a Chain Breaker and a volunteer, please see, “What is the difference between a volunteer and a Chain Breaker?”
Is there a cost to apply to become a Chain Breaker?

The cost to Chains Interrupted for each person to become a Chain Breaker is $25 (background check: $15 + t-shirt: $10). We do not want the cost to stand in the way of anyone becoming a Chain Breaker, and will cover this cost if it is a hardship for you.
What if I am not the right fit?

While everyone can make a difference in the fight against human trafficking, Chains Interrupted isn’t the only way to do that. Chain Interrupted fights human trafficking through awareness, prevention, and advocacy. Our organization follows specific policies and guidelines as we do this. If you are interested in combating human trafficking in a ways that are different than what Chains Interrupted does, there may be better options for you to do that. If you apply to be a Chain Breaker and it is decided that this isn’t the best option for you, you are still more than welcome to support our cause by attending events, requesting speakers, and joining us in parades.

Donations & Gifts

No matter how big or small, monetary donations help support our mission, purchase supplies for our survivor support group, and continue providing programs and services to organizations around Eastern Iowa.

We welcome donations via Amazon Smile, Stuff Etc. Cedar Rapids, and through our eBay store “Handbags of Hope”, where we sell gently used, high-brand purses from donors who want to help support our mission.

Learn more about ways to donate monetarily to Chains Interrupted.

Handbags of Hope Donations

Did you find a gently used purse in your latest closet clean-out? Year-round, you can donate a purse you no longer use for Chains Interrupted to sell online. Contact us to offer your donation.

Inspired by a survivor, our eBay store “Handbags of Hope,” sells these bags with 100% of the profits benefiting our Survivor Support Programs.

From groceries and gas cards to everyday toiletries and clothing, we provide survivors what they need to help them get back on their feet.

Ready to see what handbags are available? Check out our eBay Handbags of Hope store today.

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In the market for a new t-shirt? Check out the Chains Interrupted store.

You can order a t-shirt, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting our mission. Or, if you’re looking for a trendy purse or handbag, check out our Handbags of Hope on eBay. Donors have graciously provided lightly used and loved high-quality handbags to us to resell, and like our t-shirts, 100% of the proceeds benefit our mission, programs, presentations, and events.

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