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Host a Fundraiser!

We often say, "Give what you do!" And we've seen some truly creative fundraising opportunities.  And you know, you can't do a fundraiser without raising awareness.  Nearly all of our fundraisers are volunteer led.  

Whether big or small, every dime and and every effort is a blessing to the youth we serve. 


There is no way we could list them all, but some ideas we've been blessed by include:

  • Hosting a fundraiser on Facebook (Giving Tuesday, your birthday!, just because).

  • Have a bake sale (at work, at church, at your vendor fair).

  • We have a volunteer that designs and creates beautiful jewelry; proceeds to Chains Interrupted.

  • Bike rides, car cruises, motorcycle rides

  • Someone did a birthday run for his milestone birthday and asked his friends to donate for every mile he ran!

  • One of our volunteers designs and sells RFID wallets!

  • Pay to wear jeans (or pajamas or ???) to work one day.

  • We've seen barn dances, backyard parties and ugly sweater parties that charged an admission/donation.

  • A store opened early and charged admission/donation!

  • A hair salon had a donation jar on the counter. Their corporate owners matched every dollar.

  • Match your donation through your employer.

  • Ask your employer to 'round up' for a set period of time.

  • The options really are endless.  

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