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Beauty from Ashes Program

The Beauty from Ashes program provides ongoing advocacy and life skills for older youth (ages 18-24) who have found freedom from human trafficking. Participants in this program will be provided a survivor advocate to walk with them as they work to overcome their traumatic past, as well as classes on topics such as boundaries, substance abuse, self-defense, financial skills, healthy habits, etc. Referrals to additional resources available on a case by case basis. To inquire or apply for the Beauty from Ashes Program, please contact


The Harbor Home

The Harbor House is a low supervision, independent housing program for participants of the Beauty from Ashes Program (female, ages 18-24) that are in need of housing assistance.

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Willingness to relocate to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for at least two years 

  • Willingness to participate in outlined programming

  • 6 months sobriety 

  • Ability to attain and hold a job 

  • Survivor of Trafficking within the last 24 months 

  • Willingness to work closely with advocates initially then on a regular basis throughout the remainder of the program

  • Interview and acceptance into one of our counselor’s services

Program Requirements Upon Acceptance 

  • Obtain and hold a job. (A program fee is required on a sliding scale once job is obtained) 

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Counseling 

  • Participation in weekly classes and daily mentoring (financial planning, trauma skills, life skills, boundaries, self-defense, etc.)

  • Continue Sober Lifestyle; initial, then random drug testing is required 


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